Music is the universal language that, when tapped into, illuminates the joys of life and opens the doors of opportunity. When we study and play music, we are cultivating our curiosity and wonder of the world and are gaining a confidence to be expressive, creative, entrepreneurial, and playful. When we feel music, we feel love.

The study of stringed instruments in particular is one of tremendous depth. The violin plays a vital role in a great number of music traditions across the globe and every time we play, we connect, we celebrate, and we contribute to that vibrating string community. I have been playing for 20 years and teaching private and group lessons for eight and I would love to show you or your child the wonders of playing the violin or viola.

I teach ages 4 and up, kids and adults. Parent/child lessons encouraged! All ability levels, from absolute beginner to seasoned pro looking to work on specific issues.

I teach out of my comfortable SE studio near Mt. Tabor. It is possible I could come to you (or skype!). I have reasonable rates and trades are a possibility.


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